Steve Larrick for U.S. Senate

Green Rural Development Policy
July 10, 2008, 12:45 pm
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Steve Larrick – Nebraska Green Party Candidate for U.S. Senate 2008


Education:     – 1970 Graduate of Omaha Westside High School (Top 10% of Class)

– 1974 Graduate of Grinnell College (BA Degree in Economics)

– 1989 Graduate of University of Alberta (MSc in Rural Sociology)                       


Experience:    – More than 25 years of experience in housing and community   

                          development in Nebraska including:

     * Five years with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development   

     * 13 years with the UNL College of Architecture

     * Additional years with the USDA Farmers Home Administration, the  

        Lincoln Action Program and Greater Omaha Community Action. 

– Consultant to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

  (FAO) at the World Food Day Secretariat (1989-1990) on sustainable

  development for a global campaign “Food and the Environment.”


Personal:        Steve Larrick has been elected twice to the board of the Lower Platte South Natural Resource District.  He has been happily married to Janine Copple for 20 years and they live in Lincoln with their son, Antony Larrick.


Green Rural Development Policy:   We need Green policies that support the social, economic and environmental healthy of family farms, rural communities, rural environments, and the global community.  This means investing in a renewable energy infrastructure for a future of wind, solar, geothermal, algae-based bio-fuels, and other clean, renewable energy resources.  We need good science to assure that our farmers can create food in more economically and environmentally sustainable ways.

We need to guide public education in the United States toward science-based renewable energy futures that provide good jobs for young people and a strong economic future for rural Nebraska.  Developing Green energy technologies will better assure that our young people can return to rural Nebraska rather than being forced into more and more wars over oil in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria, and elsewhere.

            Over the past eight years, our political system has been built around creating higher profits for private oil companies.  As a result, we are seeing the highest oil company profits in the history of the world and consumers in America and the world are suffering.  For their part, the oil companies continue to buy up and stifle the development of renewable alternatives to oil.  It is time for the American people to redirect our economy toward a future that is better for the environment and better for the people.

            A good example of what we need all across America can be found in the SUSTAINABLE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN FOR GREENSBURG, KANSAS.  After a devastating tornado in 2007, the people of Greensburg came together to envision the best possibilities for social, economic, and environmental health for their community.  The result is a community-based vision for a sustainable future for Greensburg.  If elected, I will support the development of sustainable community development policies that empower farmers and rural communities everywhere to develop similar sustainable comprehensive community plans for the future.


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I heard you on KFOR 1240 am today, the Lincoln Live show I believe. I liked what you had to say. Are you having any public speaking forums or the likes in Lincoln anytime soon?

Comment by david

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