Steve Larrick for U.S. Senate

August 27, 2008, 7:35 pm
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1. What long-term energy policy would you pursue?

My Green Energy Policy focuses on energy conservation and generating clean, renewable energy from the wind, the sun and other natural processes. Our educational system should teach students the scientific skills needed to create energy that meets current needs without polluting the environment or creating catastrophic climate change.

2. What type of expanded drilling in the U.S., such as offshore or ANWAR, would you support? Explain.

Oil companies already have many places to drill for oil in America. Our nation’s energy resources should, instead, be directed toward creating and storing clean, renewable energy. Drilling in protected and wilderness areas damages the environment and leads to further burning of fossil fuels, causing more catastrophic climate changing gases.

3. What would you do to make health care affordable for all Americans?

I would support policies that move the United States toward a universal single-payer health care system better than those which have successfully served all citizens in Canada and European countries for years. In support of affordable health care, government should negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to ensure lower costs for medications.

4. Do you think the Medicare and Medicaid programs should be retained? If so, how would you make them sustainable?

Yes, I would retain and expand Medicare and Medicaid until we build a universal single-payer health care system in America. Canada and Europe already provide health care for ALL their people at 60% of the per-capita cost of our health care system that leaves over 45 million Americans unserved.

5. What measures would you take to improve the economic outlook for middle class Americans?

My HELP program includes: (1) HEALTH CARE for all through single-payer health care; (2) ENERGY CONSERVATION for all through green building and zoning codes and high efficiency vehicle standards; LAND CONSERVATION practices in support of farmers and rural communities; and (4) PEACE through an end to the Iraq War.

6. What changes should be made in U.S. immigration law and procedures to eliminate the severe backlog of individuals trying to complete legal immigration to the U.S.?

I support international laws that limit violent overt and covert interventions by military and corporate elites which perpetuate poverty throughout the developing world. This will reduce the backlog of individuals trying to complete legal immigration to the U.S. by encouraging more successful development of local economies throughout the world.

7. How much access do you think federal officials should have to personal records and communications such as email, phone, library and internet usage?

I oppose the Bush Administration attacks on our Constitutional Rights in recent years. I believe we should return to the protection of our personal records and communications such as email, phone, library and internet usage. Further, the United States should end the practice of torturing prisoners and unleashing pre-emptive wars.


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